Wednesday, 24 December 2008

'Twas The Blog Before Christmas

'Twas the blog before Christmas
And all through the net
Not a creature was blogging
And none were online...yet...

This did not stop
The stubborn bald man
From writing a post
He would stick to his plan

Of writing some words
Each day in December
Though, in all honesty,
No one really remembers

Still at this time of year
A festive old time
There's little you can do
To stop lots of bad rhyme

So here's to you all
Let's all raise a glass
And hope that this poem
Doesn't fall flat on its behind

1 comment:

foxxy said...

that last verse didn't rhyme, could you not find the time? or like tipper gore were you censoring that line? thanks for subscribing to my blog:-) i'll be looking forward to your other december blogs.