Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Hangover Diaries - Part The First

Here's the return of an old favourite* - yes, as the Christmas festive season is upon us, That Baldy Fella Blogging presents The Hangover Diaries, in which my fragile state of post-drinking being is laid bare for the world to point a finger at and kind of snigger a bit.

The Cause: Two birthday drink-ups in the one night (the old double-whammy)
Alcohol Consumed: Many pints, a few Bloody Mary's and far too many Jaeger Bombs
Start Time: 19:30ish
End Time: 02:00ish
Close Of Play Condition: Definitely pretty pissed but still upright and with memory intact
Kebab? Worse than that - a small selection of McDonald's burgers (which I can still taste)
Travel Incidents?: Fell asleep on bus and overshot by two stops so not too bad
Morning After Remedy (Lucozade and A Bacon Sarnie): Not yet although probably soon to wash away the taste of the burgers
Morning After Condition: So far, reasonably ticketty boo. There must be a Red Bull crash in the offing at some point, though...
Next Drinking: Tuesday night

*I don't have any actual statistics to back up the claim that it's a "favourite" but I'm going to go with it anyway...

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