Monday, 22 December 2008

It's Not Ours Anymore...

Over the last nearly ten years,* there's been a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the newer Star Wars films. "It's not as good as it was when we were kids and we loved it," seems to be a common cry. Well, that may well be our opinion and we are certainly entitled to it but it's an opinion that will generally not be agreed to by the current generation.

Having spent some time with friends who now have children of their own, I've seen the same sort of fervour in their eyes when it comes to Star Wars that used to burn in my own. The difference for them - they don't distinguish between old Star Wars and new Star Wars; it's all Star Wars to them. If anything, they're slightly fonder of and more familiar the newer films. They still have the same desire to incessantly watch them that we all had and the same need for every toy. Except now, they still get new instalments to look forward thanks to the new Clone Wars cartoon and, let's face it, all we had in the Eighties were Droids cartoons and Ewoks films - not exactly the finest moments in the Star Wars universe.

So maybe it's time to accept new Star Wars for what it is - Star Wars-based entertainment for the newer generation. Hey, if nothing else, at least it keeps them watching the original trilogy as well.

It's not time for a re-appraisal of Jar Jar Binks, however. He really is unreservedly shit.

* Yes, it has been that long since the first prequel

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