Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Blog A Day...

Apparently, last month was National Blog Posting Month* in which blogging-type people (like what I am, I guess) are encouraged to post every single day for a month. Well, thanks to the rigours of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Here" **, November kind of passed me by a little bit. So, instead, let's see if i can make it through December instead. It's socially the biggest month of the year so spare time will be at a bare minimum but I like a good challenge so let's give it a good old go. True, some day's blogs may be bigger then other day's blogs*** and, true, that's probably me already starting to sop out of the idea a little bit by admitting that I'm probably not going to have that much to write but...hmmm, I don't actually have a "but" to finish that sentence with so it's looks like the warning signs are on the wall. Still, let's give it a go, eh?

So, join me every day this December in an advent calendar (and beyond) stylee for a special blogtastic month that I like to call....December. What? Well, that is what it's called after all.

Disclaimer:- Many of these blogs may be written while under / recovering from the influence of alcohol. That Baldy Fella Blogs Inc. accepts no responsibility for any incoherence you may experience whilst reading.

* Yep, there's a day/week/month for everything now. National Toe Picking Day and National Bum Scratching Week must surely be around the corner - fortunately, I'm already prepared for those ones...

**Very much work not pleasure, I can assure you

***I feel as if I went a little bit Morrisey there

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