Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy End Of The Year Show

Ring the bells, deck the halls and let the celebrations commence! It's a day for jubilation. Yes, I've made it to the end of Blog Month and have posted a blog every day*. Oh yeah, and it's New Year's Eve or something apparently, too.

So what has 2008 taught me? What lessons have I gleaned from the last 366 days**?

- That regular and frequent sex is great fun but I still very much enjoy being single too
- Weddings have become extremely popular all of a sudden - going to six in one year must be some sort of record
- Internet dating is kind of rubbish and a bit on the dispiriting side
- Music videos are fun to make, especially if they involve dancing, puppets and puppets dancing
- Films are still great
- As are comics
- Oh, and cartoons, too
- That I've rediscovered an urge to write, even if it is mainly blogs instead of fascinating stories and scripts (baby steps, baby steps)
- That having a bigger team of people to work with makes for a much more stress-free time, especially if you really enjoy working with them
- That I should stop starting sentences with "that"
- And that life, in general, is a very good thing and I have very much enjoyed it this year in stark contrast to last year (my "Horrible Anus" as the Queen would say or something like that).

So what does next year hold. Well, I don't know. No one does, do they? That's kind of how the future works. All I do know is that I'm ready for it - eyes open, arms wide and legs akimbo. Come on, The Future, give me what you've got!

* OK, so we've established that I didn't write a blog every single day, having prepared some in advance on a couple of days but it's still a post every day...

** Yep, it was a leap year, remember? I was at a wedding on February 29th - that's genius, they only have to remember their anniversary once every four years.

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