Saturday, 27 December 2008

A Cartoon Strip A Day

Earlier this month, I discovered someone else who has been doing the daily posting thing, only far more interestingly and artistically than I. His name is James Kochalka, an American cartoonist and musician who has been keeping a daily diary in cartoon form every day since 1998 (barring a few days here and there). He publishes it online at his own American Elf site and also collects it regularly in book form.

It's an impressive achievement and there's something very appealing about them. The more you read, the more you find yourself drawn in. It speaks to the stubbornly obsessive part of me. He forces himself to do something every day, even if he doesn't want, even if he doesn't have anything more to say than "today I drew this comic strip", he's kept it up every day for just over a decade and I admire that dedication. If he can draw and ink a four panel comic strip every day then I certainly find the time to witter a few random words on here every day.

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