Sunday, 21 December 2008

The 25 Days Of Newman

Naturally enough, I'm not the only person doing a bit of daily posting this month. There are other people with a similar idea and doing a far, far more entertaining of job of it* - comedy songwriters Paul and Storm being one of them (well, technically being two of them, I suppose, as there's...yes, two of them).

They have a very simple theory which they've illustrated before and it runs like this:- any film in the world could be improved with a Randy Newman-inspired theme, much in the style of Toy Story. And so they've crafted some to prove it. I particularly liked the Lord Of The Rings and The Passion Of The Christs themes they composed.

Well, this Christmas, they've decided go one better (or 25 better technically) and provide a new Newman-inspired theme every day up to Christmas. You can listen the ones they've posted so far here - my personal favourites are the extremely wrong themes for A Brief History Of Time and Schindler's List, the structurally similar Memento and the one for the Muppet Movie 'cause The Muppet Movie is one of the finest films ever made.**

Go and give 'em a listen, it's good stuff.

* Yeah, I know that's not difficult really

** Don't argue with me on this one, I shall not be moved

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