Friday, 19 December 2008

The Hangover Diaries - Part The Second

Once again, our intrepid hero has ventured forth into the wide world of copious drinking. And there was much rejoicing...

The Cause: Work-related drinking-type shenanigans
Alcohol Consumed:
Many much quantity of beers
Start Time:
End Time:
Close Of Play Condition:
Voice fading due to drunken singing of drunken songs
Even better than that - a box of dirty chicken from the dirty KFC
Travel Incidents?: Fell asleep on bus and overshot by one stop so that's improving
Morning After Remedy (Lucozade and A Bacon Sarnie):
Two bottles of Lucozade, a cheese and ham croissant, a plain croissant and a large plate of Chinese food for lunch
Morning After Condition:
Weirdly chipper. Not sure how.
Next Drinking:
Possibly tonight. Christmas is here....

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