Friday, 26 December 2008

Festively Full

After yesterday's shameful confession, I can assure you that today's blog was 100% written on the day of posting....

It's a festive time of year and, as is traditional at this traditional seasonal celebrational time, I have massively over-indulged to potentially near-fatal levels (is it possible to die from a meat overdose? Well, I think it may well be). I ate, drank and was certainly very merry for many hours yesterday. As we all like a list, here are some of the things that yesterday involved:-

Mighty Boosh books
Now That's What I Call Christmas
Bread sauce
13 pairs of new socks
Peeling spuds and prepping sprouts
The Game (that's not the David Fincher film but an actual game)
Many much wine
Doctor Who Christmas episode
New DVDs
The longest short game of Trivial Pursuit ever
A ticket to see Bill Bailey in January
Not going near a computer for a whole day (first time in...well, ever, I think)

So today is going to be a much more leisurely affair... but still involving eating, drinking and a modicum of merry-making. Well, it's rude not to, you know.

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