Sunday, 12 April 2009

Good Friday? It Was Bloody Superb

So, as if Friday wasn't a good day already what with the film being pretty much all finished and that, it got even better shortly afterwards when The Brother and his better half walked into the living room to tell me that they had some news for me. There were only two possibilities at that point - gaining a niece/nephew or gaining a sister-in-law. Well, they're quite traditional after all as it was the latter - I'm gaining a sister-in-law (and can now refer to her legitimately as Mrs Bro).

Yes, the more perceptive amongst you (or at least those who were reading yesterday) may have worked out that this was the reason for my being monstrously hungover as there was much of the celebrating of things to be done on Friday night. I held off from saying this yesterday as there were still parents to be informed and news has a way of spreading fast in this new age of high-falutin', high-tech, spangly, interwebby communications. Also because I was monstrously hungover and a little broken from helping a friend move house (word to the wise - hangover + house move = terrifying booze sweats).

All of which means that this year is going to be a massively celebratory one and that I now have a stag do to plan and a best man's speech to write. Aheh. Aheh heh. Aheh heh heh. Mwuhahahahahahahahahaha!

I've got nigh on thirty years of ammunition built up for this one. He may want to start trembling now....


SweetPeaSurry said...

Well it's about bloody time ... right?
I mean it is about time correct?

yes ... I believe so!

he he ... congrats on the new SIL!

Sweet Cheeks said...


Nothing better than a wedding in the family!

And are you crazy? Moving and drinking? Do the drinking after the moving...silly boy...

What would Bruce say?


Anna Russell said...

Awww, congrats to them, that's lovely news.
Just thinking of the hangover you're going to have after the wedding...

That Baldy Fella said...

SweetPeaSurry - Ta! It certainly is. I will be expecting nieces/nephews at some point, mind.

Sweet Cheeks - True, true! Although, knowing how my family like a booze-up, this could be dangerous...

Well, the moving was planned, the drinking was kind of spontaneous (but, come on, there was no way I wasn't going to celebrate news like that!)

Anna - Cheers, me dear! Wedding? I've got to make it through the stag do first!
If I regain the power of sight after a couple of days, I shall consider it a success.