Thursday, 9 April 2009


This week is being spent locked away in the confines of my room in front of an editing program as, this Easter being the third anniversary of the shoot, it probably is about time I finished off editing our feature film. So I'm immersed in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and adjusting audio levels and adding voice overs and creating whizzy transitions and other funky editing stuff to make it look all snazzy and stuff and, as such, my blog inspiration (yes, or blogspiration, if you will) is sorely lacking. Hence getting some overly long random old tat that was lying around my PC yesterday.

I've tried looking through the notebook for inspiration. Nah, don't feel like writing about any of those. Just not in the mood. They can stay on the list for a little while longer.

So is there anything around me to inspire blogginess? Hmmm, let's have a squint. Lots of clean clothes and a surprising lack of dirty ones. Time off, you see. No excuse for not blitzing the washing. Still, this does not make for the stuff of which mighty blogs are wrought. Try again, keep looking.

Pile of comics on the bedside table. That's pretty standard and I'm reasonably sure that everyone is sick to the back teeth of me twatting on about comics (with the possible exception of The Russell). Besides, there's not much more to say about that other than "I have a stack of comics next to my bed which needs reading." * Keep going.

Well, there are books. Many, many books. Shelves and shelves and shelves of books. Looking at it now, I begin to realise that it's a ridiculous amount of books. I mean, each of the shelves is double-stacked and it's also at the point where more books are now squeezed into that gap between the top of the books and the shelf above. Good grief, that's a lot of books. And it's not even all of them - Ma and Pa have still got a few shelves worth that I haven't squeezed in yet.

Have I read them all? No, not even close. Probably just over half to two thirds but there are still so many left to be read. Why keep buying them then? I can't help it. I see a book that looks interesting, I'll buy it. In fairness, I am always reading. My daily commute is spent immersed in a book (well, I'm not gonna talk to any of those other bastards, am I? We already established this one). But I won't wait until I've finished the books I've got before getting new ones, oh no. Must have more.

I should stop buying them until I've read what I've got, I know that. But it's not a habit I'm likely to break now. It may even be genetic. Ma's a book fiend and lives with Pa in World Of Books (And Other Assorted Miscellany).

I guess ultimately I don't want to fight it. I love books, I love having books and long may that continue.

Hmmm, I guess I did have something to write about today after all. Who'd've thunk?

* In case anyone was wondering, it's Gotham Central, a Batman comic without Batman in it and very fine it is too.


kapgaf said...

Sod that stuff about "you can't be too thin or too rich" it's "you can't have too many books". I've just put up shelving to hold all my books (the double-stacked bookcases with books on the top are gone) and it's so wonderful that I have stopped reading and just go and look at my books. It's better than the stationery cupboard.

Anna Russell said...

You're right, you can waffle on about comics all you like and I'll still be interested.

I'm the same with books. They're everywhere in my house. Every once in a while I make a pile of the ones I haven't read yet, but somehow I get distracted by a new book before getting through them. I love having them around though.

That Baldy Fella said...

kapgaf - Hear hear. Ah, pangs of jealousy. That reminds me, I must speak to the landlord (or "Dad" as he prefers to be called) about those extra shelves he was going to put up.

Anna - Yep, I've got your number.
Ah, yes, the bedside book pile. I'm always distracted from it by the new book. "But it's so new and shiny. It wants me to read it first..."

Kurt said...

I have three voracious readers in my house counting myself, I can't pop a bag of microwave corn without moving 3 or 4 books.

I liked "Twatting on". You English speakers make my day.

That Baldy Fella said...

Why, thank you, sir - we pride ourselves on creatively cocking around with sweary words.

kapgaf said...

To add to TBF's comment to Kurt : and vice-versa.

I have to do the word verif thing again : unhas - the act of losing deliberately.

Vic said...

We are awash in books as well.
I had to start buying book on my Kindle. It was either that or move out and let my books have the house.

Sweet Cheeks said...

"Twatting on..."


And Mr. Cheeks gives me The Pig Eye evertime I buy a new book...I have many, many, many...but I do read them.

Then they become part of the family...hard to part with a good book...even if you haven't read it might be good - right?

Captain Dumbass said...

I love my books until times like now when I'm painting the house and can't find enough places to put them all. Whatever, I'll keep buying them.

That Baldy Fella said...

Vic - Oooh, I don't know about the e-book type thing. I likes 'em papery.

Sweet Cheeks - Exactly. What if you get rid of that unread book and it turns out to be the best book in the world. You just can't take the risk...

Captain Dumbass - If you don't keep buying them, they get all sad. Nobody wants a sad book.