Wednesday, 15 April 2009


I'm afraid that I don't really have a lot to tell you today. My mind isn't in writing mode particularly at the moment. Having spent the best part of last week working to get to a point where I thought I was finished with my film, my edit programme now keeps crashing on me when I try to export anything from it. In basic terms, it's there and edited but I can do nothing with it and cannot show it to anyone else. Seeing as I've worked on and off over three years to get to this point, I am somewhat on the frustrated side right about now.

So, no blog today, folks. Come back tomorrow.

Hmmm, you know, thinking about it, I could have just not posted a blog today as I didn't feel like writing one. But something made me post. As discussed yesterday, there's obviously a little element of the obsessive compulsive in me. I mean, barring a few days in February where I let it slip (about 5 in total), I've posted a blog every day since the 1st December (and on a couple of days in March, I posted two to make up for the lack in February). That's 134 blog posts since the beginning of December, Fact Fans.

And I guess I'm now locked into a pattern. I can't quite decide if that's a good or a bad thing. Am I prompting myself to write in order to be a better writer, in the hope that writing more frequently will improve me, will keep the grey matter ticking over and the neurons firing? Am I writing because I have something to say? Or am I writing for the sake of writing, to say that I kept to a schedule, a routine, a system? So that I can say, "Hey, I've posted a blog (pretty much) every day for four and a half months"? I suspect the latter as, more often than not, I post blogs about having nothing to say or simply stick up a video in order to say that I've posted a blog that day (I mean, that's not really writing, is it? That's hyperlinking).

I don't know, maybe it does work and does help. After all, I've just managed to wring yet another post out of not having a post to write. So there you go. That was your rambling, borderline incoherent, lack of blog post for today. I wonder what I won't write about tomorrow....


Anna Russell said...

If that was rambling and incoherent then I own the rights to it.
I'm the same. I sometimes don't blog at the weekends, and come Sunday I'm all "oh no, I haven't blogged!". I have no idea why. I think Blogger may be controlling our minds like an episode of The X-Files after it stopped being good and nobody knew what the hell was going on.

Sweet Cheeks said...

Nick...You've titled your post on nothing and it consists of 5 paragraphs...Well, actually 4 paragraphs and 1 rogue sentence...

Talking about nothing is something.

A blank post with no title and a date on it is nothing.

I like to visit you even when you have something about nothing to say.

Good job! (pats you on the back)

Now...don't fall into the pit of despair from frustration.

Laugh for a few moments and get back to work!

Sweet Cheeks :)

Diane said...

I feel ya. Figuratively, anyway. I feel compelled to post, even when I've nothing to say (which has been a lot of the time lately), unless I'm feeling really, really crap. I figure it's good for me, though, as it forces me to put a pen to paper (or fingers to keys) when in the past, I've just said, 'screw it'. So I'll keep doing it. You keep doing it, too. We'll read what you write... even if it's nothing.

TishTash said...

Ooh, I bet you won't write about cheese. There are so many things you could not write about with cheese. Stinking Bishop? Need I say no more?

Kurt said...

Whenever I think about my blog volume I think " If I had written 2 pages for each blog, I'd have a novel by now" and then I get really drunk. Problem solved!

My Captcha: gonrfea

That Baldy Fella said...

Anna - Wow, look at that, I managed to subconsciously namecheck your blog without noticing it. My indoctrination is complete... Yeah, it's like we've joined a cult except we get to stay at home.

Sweet Cheeks - Cheers for the encouragement, me dear, but this is about the sixth or seventh time I've written one like this so I'm repeating myself a bit now...

Diane - Heh, it's a deal! I think it does help overall. I think I can see an improvement in writing style at the very least (even if content is sorely lacking).

TishTash - Hmmm, cheese, you say? *strokes beard in a comtemplative fashion*

Kurt - Any decent story/suggestion/business meeting ends with the phrase "and then I get drunk".

kapgaf said...

It's spring ! The sukebind hangs in the hedgerows and you have nothing to say ? No, you have plenty to say but you want to get that damn film out of the box and until you've done that there's no way you're going to let anyone have anything creative from you.
Amazing that writing about nothing can be a sort of displacement activity. Hmm, I displace a lot (Eureka!).
Got sisms today from your word verif. Uninspired (hey, you're not the only one!)

That Baldy Fella said...

Spring? Well, the traditional spring rain isn't doing it for me at the mo... Well, I'm nothing if not a procrastinator (as my delayed response to your comment proves...)