Sunday, 8 March 2009

Shameless Promotion Number 2

Not for myself this time - nope, this time it's for my brother's band Honeycube* who can be found here and here. Way, way back (well, OK, summer of last year but it seems like a long time ago now), The Brother set out to film a couple of videos for the band. He drafted me in for some minor camera help (and also to provide some dancing) and also some other talented folks to help with costumes, puppetry and dancing but they were pretty much all his babies.

The first is for the song "Judge Me Then Judge Yourself" and features many of Lewisham's finest dancing their little masked socks off**. The second is for the song "See You Next Tuesday" and features some fine puppet work and design (and also features some choice, if censored, language so you may want to be careful there).


* And, yes, I am repeating myself again if you're a Nick Nack Lifer but, hey, it's the weekend. You're probably out drinking / in recovering from drinking anyway

** Yes, I'm in there. I'm wearing a cardboard cut-out of my brother's face whilst dancing (intentionally) badly# so, if you know what he looks like, you can narrow it down.

# Hard to judge on that one, to be honest, it is a fine line.

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