Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Meme A Little Meme Of Me

"Two posts in one day? Why, monsieur, wiz zese blogs you are really spoiling uzzzz." Yes, yes, I really am.

"meme - n. A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another."

See, not only entertaining but you learn something new every day. The lovely Anna Russell* has tasked me with providing the following blog-style entertainment:- 5 Things You Love About Yourself (or, to give it another title, Things What Are Great - Me).
The difficulty is that there is so much to love about That Baldy Fella and yet so few words in which to express that love. No, I didn't buy that bit, either. Well, let's have a crack at it, anyway, shall we? Alrighty then.

1. I Am Above Average Height
This is useful for many reasons. I can reach things off the high shelves. I do not always need a ladder to change lightbulbs. I can see above the queue to work out how much waiting time is left before we reach the intended destination. Working in conjunction with the shiny pate, I can be spotted amongst a crowd. When in the cinema, I can usually see over the person in front (on the downside, I do block the view for the person behind). Plus, apparently, short people got nobody to love so I've dodged that one.

2. I Have Not Paid For A Haircut For Twelve Years
Seriously, I love this. The day I realised it was all thinning away and decided to shave it all off was quite possibly one of the best decisions I ever made. I always had rubbish hairstyles - my hair was greasy (despite regular washing) and unmanageable (despite constant styling attempts) and, quite frankly, made me look like a twat or a serial killer. Or both. Evidence:-

Terrifying, isn't it?

3. I Laugh A Lot
And it's generally at stuff which is filthy or just plain wrong or both. Preferably both. But preferably filthy. Or wrong. (I could go on like this for some time. But I won't. Or will I? No, I won't. But will I? No, OK, I'll stop now. But have I really stopped? Yes.)

4. I Am Loyal
You're my friend? Then friends we are. And this doesn't mean that we have to keep checking in with each other to see how we are every five minutes. When we want to spend time with each other, we will. And when we need each other to be there, we will. And we absolutely will not complain or whinge about not contacting each other. We'll just be pleased to see each other when we do catch up. Because that's how it works. End of story.

5. I am A Massive Geek
I don't mean that I'm a geek that is very big. Well, I am that too but that's not what I meant. I'm a fully-paid-up card-carrying** geek. But not just in the comic-collecting sci-fi-watching sense. Oh no, my friend. My geekiness extends beyond that into the realms of film and comedy and fully embraces the obscure and arcane. In fact, I'm probably slightly more obsessive about comedy than I am about sci-fi. I know that doesn't really come across in my tediously factual and dustily dry daily postings but it's well true.

So there you have it. Stuff about me what is rather spiffing. But you probably could have guessed that already. At this point, I am supposed to "tag" people to then go off and post this themselves but because I'm:-

a) lazy; and
b) really lazy,

I can't be arsed. This will be covered in the follow up post, 23 Things About Yourself That You Should Probably Do Something About Because They Bug The Crap Out Of Everyone Else. (Unfortunately, the first item on the list is "I procrastinate too much" so I probably won't get around to it.)

* http://ramblyrambly.blogspot.com/ for you Facebookers

** I don't actually carry a card with "Geek" on it, that's just an expression. But, now that I think about it, maybe I should. It would save a lot of time. Hmmm, might be time to unpack the laminator.


Diane said...

I love tall, bald, happy, loyal geeks! Things what are great - you... cool (and true)! I might steal this meme, as I've been blog-blogged. I might be able to think of 5 things what are great about me... :)

Pearl said...

That was quite amusing. :-)

Anna Russell said...

That pic of you... I'm speechless.

I loved your title, I see what you did there.

This was basically a kick ass kind of a post. Mostly because tall people and geeks impress me.

TishTash said...

That's like one of those pictures with eyes that follow you all over the room.


That Baldy Fella said...

Diane - Ah, stop, you're making this baldy bloke blush! Steal away. In fact, consider yourself tagged then.

Pearl - Why thank you!

Anna - I know, horrifying, isn't it?
Ta - except I've now had that song in my head since last night (accompanied by hits from the musicals...).
Glad you liked it - you did ask for it, after all!

TishTash - Except that those eyes are the cold, dead eyes of a killer.

Vic said...

Massive geeks are the best kind. They make good bodyguards.

That Baldy Fella said...

Yeah, nobody likes a scrawny geek. Poor scrawny geeks.