Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Theme Tune Week - Day Two

Oh, back for more, eh? Well, everyone loves a good theme tune so don't be ashamed. We're still sticking with a 60s/70s vibe because, let's face it, that's when most of the best theme tunes were made. Don't try and argue, this is a fact. A lot of shows even dispense with a title sequence altogether these days - I mean, all you get with Lost is a spooky noise over the word "Lost". That's not a theme tune!

Anyway, I digress. Who have we got today? I'll tell you...

Lalo Schifrin

Who he? Well, he's a lot more prolific than yesterday's themer, having been working in films and TV since 1957 (and is still going strong today). What have you heard by him? Well, this for starters:-


And maybe this (go to 0:45 for the theme to kick in):-


And probably also this:-


That last one may also be familiar to those of you in the UK who remember post-pub, bet-based, daft gambling show Banzai!

The themed theme isn't over yet, though. Come back tomorrow to see who's next in line (unless you've got some sort of working time machine in which case you can save yourself the wait and nip forward to find out now although, if you did have that, you'd probably want to use it for gambling or playing the stock market or avoiding your own death and cool stuff like that).


Anna Russell said...

An episode of Mission Impossible with Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen having a fight - now THAT would have been TV gold.

That Baldy Fella said...

Yep, I'd watch that. Stick 'em on dinosaurs with maybe a talking gorilla sidekick and you might just have the greatest TV show ever made.

Kurt said...

After that last comment I have to wonder why you aren't a programming executive.

That Baldy Fella said...

I know! I'd call it Bruce and Steve's Impossible Dinosaur Mission Goes Fighting (with Talky the Ape). It'd be a smash, I tells ya.

kapgaf said...

Yes but you forgot the robot. Has to be a robot (preferably an evil one...)

That Baldy Fella said...

Only if that robot is possessed by the spirit of Sid James sand spends all it's time making innuendos about the lady robots

kapgaf said...

Are we talking about an episode of Mission Impossible here or are you just Carrying On ? (which would be all Chairman Bill's fault after the Babs Windsor reference)