Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Hair Yesterday, Gone Tomorrow

I genuinely don't miss the old bonce covering. I think that some people believe that, deep down, I still have a hankering for the hair but, let's face it, when I did have the hair, it was naturally greasy, slightly wavy and generally unmanageable. Don't, however, take my word for it. Let's back it up with some cold hard photographic facts, shall we?

The Natural Bald Way
Attractive and appealing the way that nature intended

The Various Stages Of "Oh Dear Lord, No"

1. No

2. Definitely Not

3. You're just taking the piss now, aren't you?

Proof, if proof be need be, that bald is way forward. However, if bald is the way forward then, in the interests of balance, a beard should be maintained.

Otherwise it's like being stared at by a fat speccy egg, isn't it? Somewhere, all the king's horses and all the king's men are on standby....


Anonymous said...

Actually, men look good with and without hair...you are gifted that way.

You're a cutie!

Diane said...

You looked eerily like Harry Potter in that next to last pic!

Oh, and bald is sexy, darlin'.

Vic said...

I love a man with a smooth pate. Not eggy at all, even without the beard (although I smallish one is good)

kapgaf said...

Definitely the baldy fella. It gives you a certain je ne sais quoi. What does that mean ? I don't know.

I agree with Diane about Harry Potter look alike.

Things that made me smile today :
- more multicoloured cupcakes (with layers of colour instead of splodges - I'm showing off)
- the "taking the piss" photo

Ooops, forgot to type in the word verif (it was "rentine"), which is now "cremato", which sounds like a spell that HP would use. Maybe word verif works on a similar basis to ad sense!

KMcJoseph said...

The secret to looking good being bald is to have a nice round head!

Pearl said...

Kinda attractive, aren't ya?


If bald women were in style, I'd so shave my head. That's an extra,um, five minutes I'd save in the morning!


That Baldy Fella said...

Well, I wasn't fishing for compliments (I'd have posted flattering photos if I was!) but all are gratefully accepted!

Sweet Cheeks - Aw, shucks...

Diane - Heh, that's the first time I've been compared to Harry Potter! (And cheers!)

Vic - Trust me, the beard's a necessity, it's very eggy in person...

kapgaf - Exactly, otherwise I'd just be That Fella. Doesn't work quite as well.

KMcJoseph - True, I'm very lucky, could've had a pointy one. Not so nice.

Pearl - Cheers, me dear! If you only shave once every week, it saves even more time.

Rachel May said...

Like the old pics, baldy fella. Definitely go for the beard. Went to the natural history museum the other day - wow. Absolutely loved it.

Anna Russell said...

Definitely better bald. How else are you supposed to get your Lex Luthor on?

Belle said...

I'm speechless.

That Baldy Fella said...

Rachel - Yeah, I thought you'd like it. Dinosaurs! (And a stuffed dodo, too.)

Anna - Exactly. Whoever heard of an evil genius with a centre-parting? No one, that's who.

Belle - I'm hairless. Nice to meet you. (Well, the old ones are the oldest).