Thursday, 14 May 2009

Theme Tune Week - Day Four

Oh, and our excursion into lands theme-y continues today with a short but sweet post (because I forgot to blog earlier and I'm going out - sometimes I do have a social life, yes, I know, it's difficult to believe). Who have we got today, I wonder? Well, I'll tell you. Right now.

Ennio Morricone

Yep, the man that is the sound of the spaghetti western and there's really only one theme that I could post which would sum up this man. Here you go, start whistling, aahh-ing and wah-ing...

And, for a bit of variety, here's the Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain version:-

But it's not over yet. A week has seven days by my reckoning (unless someone went and sneakily changed the calendar on me in which case I'm hoping tomorrow's one of the new weekend days) so three more to go. Who's left to come? And who will be the grand finale at the end of the week? I know but I'm not telling... just yet....


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Baldy Fella,

My Husband Mountain Man said, "Not too many things on the internet make me stop and watch it twice."

We have slow dial up and I don't take the time to watch Youtube often. But I have to say I've been there daily with your offerings.

I watched the Dr Who theme and drank it in again, now knowing how they made the music.

But today we laughed at a bunch of ukulele players having great fun. High art indeed.

Thank you.


Kurt said...

Awesome. The ukulele is the greatest instrument on the planet after the bagpipe.

That Baldy Fella said...

Lady Euphoria - High praise indeed! I thank you and the Monutain Man both (for your impeccable joint taste).

Kurt - If it were possible, I'd have a ukulele band providing the background score to my everyday life. You know it would be the most amzing thing ever in the history of ever.

kapgaf said...

Gobsmacking! But definitely a Cornish Mexican young girl.

I was wondering if that man was really whistling and thinking probably not because you can't whistle and laugh and then he laughed. Awesome.

But I am intrigued : was this the result of search that included keywords "unusual instruments" or did you know about these people already and if so, how and why ?

That Baldy Fella said...

Well, I found that particular one by chance but I already new them thanks to just having an interest in weird cover versions, really. Their versions of Miss Di-Na-Mi-Tee and Wuthering Heights are brilliant.

kapgaf said...

Not bad, not bad but I also like their Satellite of Love (hey, I'm a Lou Reed kind of girl, do da do da do dado da do da do da do dado da dooooooo