Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Come On, Fingers, Work With Me!

I have large hands with long and wide fingers (ladies). While this admittedly makes me both amazing and awesome at the same time (yep, that's right, amazome), it can make typing a frustrating and tiresome experience when they decide not to keep up with the pace of my brain. Which is all the time. I made several typing errors in those first two sentences. And four in that one just now telling you about the typing errors (thankfully I use a combination of "my eyes" and "spellchecker" to spot these things).

What I have come to notice is that there is a trend. My fingers follow set patterns which I do not want them to and yet I have no real control over this. It always seems to be the same words, day in, day out, that they obstinately refuse to spell properly. I mean, come on, digits! I'm making you type these alphabetic combinations on a daily basis, both at work and at home. You should be picking these things up by now. I need some sort of special class for the slower learning fingers that really just refuse to co-operate.

Maybe they're dyslexic. Can you have dyslexic fingers? I mean, the brain knows all the words and all the orders what the lettery bits go in. So why aren't the fingers paying attention?

So here are some of the common offenders:-

particualry - particularly (I didn't even manage to type that right when I was really trying, too)
theer - there
deicde - decide
juts - just
cheesr - cheers
Anything with an apostrophe - has a semi-colon instead (i.e. can;t instead of can't)

Most galling of all, though? This one:-

Badly - Baldy

Yes, I've chosen an inter-nom-de-plume that I cant even type properly.

Anyone fancy paying for me to go on a typing course?


Anna Russell said...

I only have ickle fingers and it happens to me too. Dno't worry abou tit.

Hehehe. Tit.

Vic said...

Me too, me too. Little fingers, big typos.

The title of my next book?

kapgaf said...

My favourite typo of this nature is acocunting. Fortunately, I no longer have to type that word very often.

However, badly instead of baldy is not a typo but a Freudian slip - you just wish you had hari !

Anonymous said...

Jsut gets me every time...

Don't know why, it jsut does.

And sometimes, out of spite, I leave it that way.

I say piss off jsut!


That Baldy Fella said...

Anna - *snicker*

Vic - Good title! Sounds like an inspiring story of spelling triumph over titchy-fingered adversity.

kapgaf - Is "hari" short for "Harriet"? If so, who is she and is she fit?

Sweet Cheeks - Ah, I reckon "juts" is more insidious - it gets past the spell checker, you see...