Saturday, 14 February 2009

Just Won't Budge

As it's the weekend and there's hardly any bugger around, here's a writing-lite style blog for you today. In keeping with my slightly obsessive compulsive nature, I have a tendency to play a song over and over again once I become a bit infatuated with it. The urge to keep listening to it will remain for a little while before the next song dislodges it and becomes flavour of the month. So, to give you an insight into the background sounds constantly running through my head, here are a few of the tracks that I can't seem to stop listening to incessantly at the moment. Enjoy!

When it comes to being de la, it's just me, myself and I...


Anna Russell said...

Ooh, ooh, De La Soul, De La Soul! So good I had to say it twice.

Anna xxx

Irish Gumbo said...

A fine selection of tuneage for waht has been a grey, damp day here in Maryland. I didn't realize that "Ooh, La, La" was by the Faces.

Really dig the Radiohead song. And that De La Soul! Awesome! Haven't heard that in years. Thanks!

I recently saw one of those arrowboard dudes not too far from my house. Twirled it pretty good until on two consecutive tries, he spun the board right into his face, on edge. Ouch. Alas, I had no recording equipment.

That Baldy Fella said...

Anna The Russell - If you say it three times in the mirror, they appear behind you and do a lovely rap for you, like a hip-hop Candyman. (but without the killings)..

Irish - Glad you liked 'em. Was just spreading around the tunes in my head, really. I didn't realise it was The Faces either until I asked my bro who did that song that goes "I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger..."
Yowsers, that's gotta smart...