Thursday, 14 January 2010


I have nothing but admiration for people who can write creatively to a deadline for a living. It takes a certain kind of mindset to be able to come up with something entertaining, moving, funny or touching when the clock is ticking. For the fourth day in a row, I find myself with not really a lot to say for myself and feeling very much like I've exhausted the brain reservoir.

I could talk about my second driving lesson (which was postponed due to the large amount of cold, snowy, iciness which lay deep and crisp and even round these here parts) but there's not really a lot of import or interest to impart. I drove around a bit, stalled it twice and didn't get flustered when people were (probably rather impatiently) waiting behind me. Hey, I'm the one learning. They can wait for me to get it right. They had to learn once...

I could talk about my day at work but I don't really talk about the job on here. Personally, I don't think it's overly professional to discuss the ins-and-outs of your working life in a public forum. Oh sure, if my actual paid work involved something I created and personally profited from than you can absolutely be assured that I would pimp the blinking flip out of it at every possible opportunity (everyone bought a copy of my film yet?).

I could talk about my upcoming day off but Driving Lesson No.3 And The Assisting Of The Gorgeous Girlfriend With Her Tax Return is somehow not convincing me that it would be the stuff of bloggy legend.

So why am I bothering to post something if I don't have anything to post? Because I'm a stubborn little so-and-so and I've decided to get back to daily posting. Even if that means you get absolutely flip all in the way of any actual content. Which also means that you've read all the way down to the bottom of the post here and it doesn't even have a proper ending. It just stops. Here.


Diane said...

I feel ya. My stunningly mundane posts come from this place.

That Baldy Fella said...

Your last post seemed to be full of you doing stuff! I don;t even feel like I've got that at the mo