Sunday, 7 June 2009

Your Words Here

Because I'm a kind and generous sort of a soul, I'm offering a chance for you to have your say in these pages (which will of course entitle you to full pimping out of your very own blog or website of your choice within the bounds of legality). So either leave me a comment here expressing your interest or email me with your wonderful words of wisdom and you shall have them spread to the world.

What do you mean "short on blogging content yet still determined to post a blog every day"? Look, you would have got a video today but I'm using Mac and have no idea how to copy and paste. If you would like to simulate the video post that would have appeared today, simply go to YouTube and type "Signing for deaf with translation for dumb" into the search box to get another Adam Buxton video that shows how much fun you can have with editing.


Irish Gumbo said...

So what exactly, am I to be expressing an interst in? Is it an interest in being interested in leaving a comment or an interest in e-mailing you some words of wisdom, which, surely I must have around here somewhere...hmm...and will you be spreading my words of interest in wisdom, to the world, or the words of wisdom themselves? Begging pardon, I'm a tad confused. Presumably, if I was less confused I might, indeed, be of a mind to express an interest in what it is that you are requesting. Is that clear?

Irish Gumbo

kapgaf said...

I think I'm interested in agreeing with what Irish Gumbo said but the sign language I'm using is perhaps not very clear ?

TishTash said...

I'll bite. Figuratively. I am not a savage.

Any particular subject on which you would like me to share my infinite wisdom? Or can I just string some foul words together? Amounts to the same thing, really.

That Baldy Fella said...

IG - Well, you make a valid point and I hate to think that I may have muddied the waters a little so, in the interests of clarity. let me explain:- yes. Hope that helps.

kapgaf - No, no, I'm familair with the sign but have to say that you speak sign language like a docker.

TishTash - Hmmm, how about a fair exchange in which you illuminate some Americanisms us Limeys can use on our next visit over the pond? Which is a great way for you to swear a lot.

Irish Gumbo said...


Well, then, its settled! My thoughts exactly!