Saturday, 27 June 2009

In Which I Am Nostalgic

Thanks to the wonder of listening to musics via my ears, I was reminded the other day just how much I like a bit of old school early nineties indie/rock and, thanks to the medium of the interwebs, I can share with you exactly what it was that made me think of times gone by.

(Can't actaully seem to find the proper video for this one)


Irish Gumbo said...

Soundtrack! Soundtrack! Soundtrack! I realized I have (or had) the three albums those songs were on!


O Youth, whither hast thou flown?

miss. chief said...

hahaha i still listen to faith no more on a daily basis

cerebus660 said...

Thanx for posting, Nick! Good stuff, especially the FNM vid. I'll always remember seeing the Chuck Moseley-fronted lineup at the Bristol Bierkeller in 1988. Moseley came on stage in a white safari-suit and straw hat, before stripping down to his boxers (!!) in the inferno of the moshpit. From Ann's Song to War Pigs it was a brilliantly intense and bloody LOUD gig - definitely in my top ten of all time. Those were the days, when I were a lad, etc, etc. :)

That Baldy Fella said...

IG - Ah yes - Ten, The Real Thing and Core. Classics, all.

miss.chief - Haven't listened to them for yonks, must admit...

cerebus660 - Nice to jog some else's happy memories!