Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Renewed Vow

Some of you may have noticed (or you may not - those are the two main choices, really) that since I finished my "Post A Blog A Day For A Month" thing, I've still been posting a blog every day. Well, seeing as I did cheat slightly on a couple of occasions by writing and setting blogs to publish on days that I knew I'd be too busy, I've decided to actually try and make it a whole month of properly writing a blog every day. No drafting them in advance, no setting them to publish, just new stuff every day. The only concession I will make (in the interests of full disclosure and complete transparency) is that I have a list of stuff in my notebook of things what I think might be interesting to write about and may use that for inspiration from time to time*.

I realise that's a lot of drivel to churn out but you, dear reader, are the one with the luxury of choice. Don't like the look of it? Can't be bothered to keep up? Well, give it a miss. The beauty is that there'll be another one along tomorrow and maybe that one'll float your boat.

* This disclaimer included to fully comply with Ofcom's new interactive blogging guidelines.

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