Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Mini-Blog - Credit Where Credit's Due Dept.

Just a quick one to say thanks to Belle and J-Diggety for pointing people my way and to Foxxy and Irish Gumbo for pointing me at other people. Fine lad and lasses, all, and I salute you! (Plus big thanks to everyone who's actually decided to follow and anyone kind enough to comment - strap in, I'm hoping it'll be a long ride).

OK, that's enough Winsletting, normal service will resume later.



foxxy said...

you put up another picture of yourself. you looked alot like my cousin sagan in the other one, yet in this one you don't look like him at all.

That Baldy Fella said...

Ah, the grey, Photoshopped one is of me with a dodgy 70s 'tache for a mate's birthday - plus I'm pulling a funny face (well, funnier than the normal funny expression anyway). The new one is pretty much what I actaully look like (but, you know, with more posing - well, slightly more)...