Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Nothing To See Here, Move Along

I'm suddenly having one of those days. You know the ones. You sit down in front of a lovely enticing blank screen, all ready to be filled with wordy goodness. The knuckles are cracked, the fingers are poised aaaaaaaand.... nothing. The mind empties, words draining away and failing you. All around are people posting witty, interesting and entertaining blog posts and suddenly, in the middle, there is this; a tiny oasis of nothing in particular.

~flicks through mental Rolodex~ *

I could write about that. Nah, I don't really feel like it. I'll save that one for another time.

~resumes flicking~

Well, I could always do something about that. But I am probably the only person that would want to read it so that may be self-defeating.

~flick, flick, flickety, flick~

Nope, not ready for that yet. Back in the box with that one.

~reaches end, moths fly out~

Hmm, guess I just don't have anything today. I know, I'll cheat and just write something about how I don't have anything to write today. I haven't done that for at least 19 days.** Yes, I do realise that if I wasn't an infuriating combination of stubborn and slightly obsessive compulsive, I'd skip a day and have something interesting to say.

But I am that stubborn. And compulsive.

So here's something about nothing. Let's hope I've got something about something tomorrow.

* Yes, I know the Rolodex has gone the way of the 8-track, the Sinclair C5 and the dodo but it's a pleasing image, isn't it?

** Yes, if you check back 19 days, you will see something of that nature.


Irish Gumbo said...

One of the nice things of about the "Seinfeld" era fallout, is that one can write about nothing at all, and still have something to have written about, after all.

Funny thing about Rolodex*, by the time I got to where I needed one, they were obsolete. I had my cards all ready to go...

Very Zen-Budhhist like, one of those koans that goes something like:

Student: "What is the Buddha?"
Yunmen: "A dry turd."

At which put we all chop up our desks and throw them into the fireplace, to celebrate the transitory nature of it all. Sound good?

*My first boo-box radio had an 8-track player. terribly difficult to look hip while carrying around those tapes!

Anna Russell said...

Awww, man! I don't wanna follow Irish Gumbo on the comments, you just can't follow his.

So..erm... yeah, what he said.

(also, I relate to this, you have my sympathies)

Anna xxx

Vic said...

My recurring nightmare - (and I haven't been blogging very long. I DO have to figure out something intelligent to say to apathetic 18 year olds every single day, and it's easily as scary.)

Still a good post, even about nothing!

Belle said...

Yes Irish, but is a dry turd really a dry turd if no-one sees it being turded? That is Zen-Buddhist isn't it?
It could be Japanese-haikuist. I'm not sure.
Anyway Baldy - that was the most interesting thing about nothing I have read in a long time. Well done. I have given you an award. Come and get it......

That Baldy Fella said...

IG - Ah, Seinfeld - it's a comedy that I feel I ought to like but I just don't get it. Ditto for Curb Your Enthusiasm. I'm actually bemused at where the funny bits are.
I'm wielding the axe now - that desk's history. Is that a Buddhist thing to do?

Anna The Russell - I've decided to refer to you like this from now on in a reciprocal fashion.

Vic - Oddly, my nightmare would actually be saying something to apathetic 18 year olds every day.

Belle - You're going to have start being nasty to me. All this praise will only make me big-headed, you know!

All - I missed out the words "people posting" in the fifth sentence which I hadn't spotted. I've republished to make it sound less like I was arrogantly referring to my own blog as witty, intersting and entertaining. I mean, it obviously is but I didn't need to say that (you see, Belle, it's started - I need taking down a peg or two now...)

Irish Gumbo said...


*To the Buddhist/desk thing, that is.

foxxy said...

so many comments.

TishTash said...

I write about nothing all the time. Can I join your super cool rebel club?

That Baldy Fella said...

Foxxy - I know, I must write about nothing at all more often!

Tish Tash - Being a super cool rebel, I don't even have a club.