Friday, 23 January 2009

Double The Pleasure

Back to the fripperies and frivolities today and it's with a brief announcement - from today onwards, you will have a second dose of random crap to plough through courtesy of my second blog. Yes, presenting:-

The Tales Of Squire Kirk The Elder

in which I shall be providing you with the serialised writings of my ancestor, the notorious Squire Kirk (womaniser, dipsomaniac, Satanist, occasional player of the pink oboe). Never fear, you'll still be getting your regular dose of inanity over here but, if you fancy a little something extra each day, trot on over there. As these have already been published before on a previous blog, I've kept it seperate for anyone who may well have already read them.

(A Brief History:- I initially started these stories as a joke on the message board for my brother's band at the time and it kind of grew from there (all of the story titles are partly based on song titles for the band). They then became a sort of challenge to myself - I'd write the first part and publish it with sometimes very little idea of where I was going to go with it. Having published it, I was then forced to see it through to the conclusion and generally surprised myself by managing to come up with one (most of the time). Hope you like 'em - if not, well, you can still just hang around over here. I won't hold it against you. Much...)


Belle said...

I see the creatives juices are really flowing at the moment.
as if
I don't have enough to read.

That Baldy Fella said...

To be fair, these are old posts so it's kind of recycling. That's why I separated them out so they can be ignored as required...

Vic said...

Checking it out!