Thursday, 4 March 2010

Overlooked 80s Films - Part The Fourth

Here's one that seems to have faded from the consciousness a bit but is a bona fide classic. It launched a man with the acting ability of mahogany on the path to blank-stared mega-stardom and is clever and more full of heart than it's nearest equivalent, Wayne's World. In the words of Mr Rolf Harris, can you tell what it is yet?

Day Four - Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure

As far as your teen-based time travel comedies, Back To The Future hogs all the glory. Don't get me wrong, it's a much deserved classic but spare a place in your heart for this little gem. We all know the score - Ted "Theodore" Logan and Bill S Preston Esq. are the class dunces who are somehow destined to bring peace to the world. That is, if they pass their history test... Keanu Reeves has never been more perfectly cast - called upon to play a brainless dork, it's a perfect match for him. He's also ably supported by a nice comic turn from Alex Winter who pretty much dropped off the radar after this (turning up on directing duties every now and then).

It also has great fun with the whole time travel, paradoxy, cause-and-effecty type of thing - particularly in the scene towards the end where they have to remember to use the time machine in order to set everything up to help themselves in the first place (ah, you get what I mean). It's one of those rare films that has an enjoyable sequel, too, by throwing in a whole bunch of new elements rather than just rehash the first film.

Fact Me 'Til I Fart

- As well as the sequel, the film spawned a cartoon, alive-action series and a comic book (which was great fun - written and drawn by indie comic book creator Evan Dorkin who was left to his own devices).

- The film Bio-Dome (a Pauly Shore film which apparently stars Stephen Baldwin and features Kylie Minogue) was adapted from a proposed screenplay for a third film. Sounds like the franchise ended just in time...

- Jane Wiedlin who plays Joan Of Arc had a hit in 1988 with the song Rush Hour

Well, it's Thursday now so I reckon I'll squeeze out one more of these to round out the week. Chin chin, chaps and chapettes.


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

HI Baldy,

Most Excellent, Dude!

(With thumbs up.)


MJenks said...

So...are you going to think less of me because I never saw this? I just had no desire. I think Keanu stuck in my craw the first time I saw him and has been there ever since.

cerebus660 said...

"Strange things are afoot at the Circle K..."

Woah, Dude! I was getting a little worried after your posts about soppy robots and dragons that look like dogs, but THIS is an 80's classic, alright. Bodacious!

Catch ya later, Bald dude!