Thursday, 24 September 2009

Pointless Filler Material

So, in the last three months, having mostly wasted a good six months of bloggy steam that was built up, I'm slowly trying to get my blog on again. I think, for the remainder of September, you'll get the occasional piece of brain run-off as the cogs start whirring, the machinery starts juddering into steam-belching life and little misshapen nuggets of bloggety lumps begin to spout forth from the rusty inner workings. Then, come the month that is the one that we call October (being previous to November yet surely tardy of September), I'll try and re-instate the first rule of the blog and we all know what that is - the first rule of the blog is that you do not make lame Fight Club references. The second rule of the blog will also be reinstated - one blog per day (restrictions permitting). Time to get the old noggin a-firing again.

So let's stumble our way haphazardly out of the remainder of the month and regroup all fresh-faced and fancy-free when the next one rolls around, shall we? Alrighty then.


Vic said...

I firmly believe we do not use the word "juddering" enough in daily conversation.

I salute you for your efforts in support of the cause. (Good to see you here!)

Zoe Right said...

Welcome back! Wait why don't we make lame fight club references again? Dammit why don't I ever get the rule book?

That Baldy Fella said...

Vic - People should judder more, that's why, I reckon.

Zoe - Ta! The first rule about the rule book is... hmm, I'm not sure, I didn't get one either.