Thursday, 3 September 2009

Incidental Weekend - it's escaped...

So these two blokes had an idea. It was about a reunion for university friends. And that idea led to a group of characters somehow coming into existence, with lives and back-stories and everything. And that group of characters somehow created and were part of a series of events. And that particular series of events (non-linear though they were) metamorphosed into a script. And that script was acted out by a bunch of talented and enthusiastic actors in front of a camera. And those filmed scenes were painstakingly edited together over an unfortunately prolonged period of time. And then they were set to music with sound effects added and everything. And transferred to DVD in order to be displayed upon screens ranging from quite small to rather large indeed.

And tonight, around 130 people sat in a West End cinema and, despite some writer/director niggling problems with sound syncing, they enjoyed the film called Incidental Weekend that had somehow managed to coherently emerge out of the above process.

And Nick looked upon it and saw that four years worth of work was good.

And then was very much pleased that tomorrow he goes on holiday with his lovely girlfriend. He's earned this holiday, he's bloody well going to enjoy it.


KMcJoseph said...

Very cool!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Baldy Fella,

Great news! Glad it all came out fine.

Wish I was able to be there.


kapgaf said...

Brilliant! Didn't doubt for a moment that it wouldn't meet with public approval. Enjoy your holiday and let me know when the incidental weekend is available on DVD.

That Baldy Fella said...

KMcJ - Cheers, squire!

Lady E - Thanks! It was all a bit of a blur, really.

kapgaf - Ta, I was a bag of nerves beforehand and a bit gutted with the sound going out of sync but it was still great to actually see it on the big screen! Plug for the DVD coming very soon...