Saturday, 12 September 2009

Buy the DVD! Buy the DVD! Buy the DVD!

I know, I go away sunning myself by the pool, beer in hand, for a little bit and come back with something that's not so much a blog post as a shameless plug. But what's the occasional shameless plug between friends, eh? Exactly.

As you may well have heard me mention (I have kept very quiet about it, true), the feature length film that I've been working on is now complete. Not only that but it is now available to buy on shiny DVD for you to own and cherish and maybe even put up in some of loving display case (entirely a matter for you to decide).

"How do we buy this masterpiece that is known as Incidental Weekend?", I pretend to hear you cry.

It's very, very simple. You go to this link here which takes you the Trickshot site, you press the "Buy Now" button towards the end of the page and, for the very reasonable sum of just five of your English pounds (plus postage and packing), you can own the film everyone's talking about. And by "everyone", I do of course mean "me incessantly".

What do you get for this very reasonable amount? Well, you get the film itself, a commentary by yours truly and co-writer/director/producer Rich, behind the scenes features, trailers and a music video by the band Honeycube (as featured at the screening and in its uncensored form).

Also available is a very reasonable 3 for 2 deal on our previous DVD releases which means that you can pick up another 3 DVDs for the princely sum of £6 (plus P&P). I know, you're right, we are very good to you.

So don't delay, go buy today!

"So when are you actually going to write some proper blogs instead of bigging yourself up all the time and trying to get us to give you money?", I'm probably far more likely to hear you ask. Well, I'll tell you the answer to that. Next time...


KMcJoseph said...

Unfortunately I don't know what that symbol is before the 6...


Pearl said...

Nick-Nack -- if that is your real name! -- I shall do it. I shall click, offer up my debit card, and buy your movie.

This better be good.



p.s. Looking forward to receiving it, actually, and will let you know how it is received!

Pearl said...

Nick, I just spent $11.12 USD to have your movie sent to me.


Honestly, I can't wait!


That Baldy Fella said...

KMcJ - It stands for fish and chips, for inexplicable sports that the rest of the world routinely beats us at, for binge drinking on a Thursday through Sunday night, for being reserved and allowing other people to push in front of you in queues while all you do is roll your eyes and many other things besides that say, "This is England"...

Pearl - Well, the first bit's my real name - the Nack's just an affectation, really... You're a woman of fine, discerning taste and your $11.12 is gratefully received!

Brandy Rose said...

Wow, can I hire you for sales when I start up that imaginary business of mine selling...something grand I'm sure?
All I can say is Yes Sir, Master Sir, once money is in hand.

That Baldy Fella said...

Well, you, see, I buy the DVD learned my buy the DVD sales technique at the buy the DVD International School of buy the DVD Subliminal Advertising buy the DVD. I don't think it really stuck, though.