Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Films What You Almost Forget Are Brilliant - Aliens

"Game over, man, game over."

Sometimes, you get so used to something that you almost completely forget about it and just take it for granted. This film is one of those... well, I'd say it's almost a blind spot that I have where I like it so much and have seen it so often that it no longer even registers when people ask me what films I like because I assume everyone else likes it, too.

I have an almost indecent amount of affection for this film. I know what you're thinking* and, yes, it is unusual for someone to love a sequel more than the original but that's just the way it is and you;re going to have to live with it, I'm afraid. Sounds almost like film geek heresy, doesn't it, for someone to say that they love the sequel over the much-revered Ridley Scott first film. But don't get me wrong. The first film is a great film and quite rightly hailed as a classic. I'm not saying that I dislike the first film in any way, shape or form. I just think I enjoy the sequel more.

Why? I'm not really sure. Possibly because it takes such a different tack than the first film, veering away from the taught, claustrophobic nature of Alien and planting it's booted, military, macho feet firmly in action country**. Possibly because it feels like there are occasional moments of levity in amongst the carnage. Possibly because it builds on the people and creatures established in the first film with floor-skittering facehuggers and dropship-hiding alien queens. I don't think I can necessarily put my finger on one thing.

Whatever it is, this film has it and makes it endlessly rewatchable in my book. Forget the CGI snooze-fest that is Titanic*** - this is James Cameron at the top of his game.

* Yes, I do always say that but then again, I do always know what you're thinking - stop thinking about that, it's dirty and you'll go blind.

** And that's not to say that Aliens doesn't have some taught, claustrophobic moments because it certainly does, in particular the scene where Newt is trapped in the medical bay with the escaped facehugger.

*** Well? Go on. I said forget it!


Chelle said...

Alien is part of the awesome movie constitution.

That Baldy Fella said...

Yep, definitely but I think I love Aliens just that tiny bit more...