Friday, 28 May 2010


She has seen what she desires and she can think of nothing else. The sense of it fills her and she must have it. The only question is how to obtain it. It is fiercely guarded and the journey to attainment will not be easy. But the reward, oh the sweet reward. She can almost feel it and knows that it must be hers...

Suddenly, a window of opportunity. She knows that if she does not seize this moment of serendipity, this chance coming together of elements, she will regret it and, being a creature of wants and needs who is not given over to regrets for the paths not taken, she is spurred into action.

She moves, she grabs and the object of desire is hers. This is the moment she has wanted and she savours the taking. It is good and it is hers.

But then the window is gone and her desire is once again thwarted. She moves away relinquishing her victory but is satisfied to have had that stolen moment when it was hers, all hers...

All of which is to say that if the bloody cat steals a burger from my dinner plate while I'm not looking again, she'll get marginally less affectionate attention from me in future. Ah, who am I kidding? We all know that's not true. She ended up getting the rest of the burger in her food bowl anyway. Well, I wasn't going to eat it. It was covered in carpet hair and catty teeth marks.


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Baldy,

The same applies to dogs who steal burgers. They get it in their food bowls.

I just can't waste food. Even if they shouldn't have it because they jumped the gun.

Great way to tell it!


MJenks said...

It's bad enough to have cats and dogs trying to steal your dinner all the time. But now, I have kids who, even though they claim to be full, will come, sit down and steal off my plate, as well.

The problem is, if I swear at the cat, it just stares at me with dispassionate apathy. Children cry.

That Baldy Fella said...

Lady E - Yes, the remains of that burger found its way into her food bowl. Because I'm soft like that.

MJenks - Fortunately, Gorgeous Girlfriend's two tend to leave food more than anything so I end up getting extra sometimes. I guess this is the universe's way of leveling things off.