Tuesday, 1 June 2010

This Is Where The Title Goes

It would appear that making promises about daily blog posting for the month of May may have been on the foolish side - buying a house with Gorgeous Girlfriend and helping her and the boys move all their stuff in (I haven't officially moved in yet) has been somewhat on the time consuming side. When not packing, unpacking, lugging, moving, hanging and shifting, there has been much lying around aching with a kind of "eeeeeeeeee" noise running through the brain. The idea of writing never even crossed my mind for much of the time - the main thoughts crossing that particular wasteland being "Where does this go?" and "How many boxes left?"

So, after a couple of Lost and feline-based toe dips in the bloggy waters over the last week, how to kickstart things around here properly? Good question. Do I have a good answer?

Erm, no.

I had the momentary feeling last week that the old neurons were beginning to fire again and pretty soon we'd have blog-based goodness coming out of our ears. Figuratively speaking, that is. The bloggy well may not be quite dry but it's certainly subject to a temporary hosepipe ban affecting parts of the South East.

I tell you what, I'll whack a stick in there, give it a good old stir and see if I can dredge up some unexpected noxious bloggy fumes from the long undisturbed brain slurry. And, when I put it like that, how can you resist?


Irish Gumbo said...

No one can resist a good mug o' brain slurry! Stir away, my friend, I'll put on my foul-weather gear and alert the media! :)

That Baldy Fella said...

It's the slurry fanciers favourite. Mmm mmm, brain slurry.