Saturday, 1 May 2010


Today being the first of May
Your baldy host's here to say
That he will once again try
And drain the well dry
To post you new stuff every day

Now this is the sort of a vow
That's easy to make here and now
But when screen is bare
And inspiration's nowhere
He hopes that you all will allow

The odd day or two now and then
When the old bloggy muse once again
Does not dare show its head
And tucks up in bed
Out of sight to all women and men

(Which is basically me saying that I'm going to try and get back into writing something every day. But then again, I might not. yeah, it's always a bad sign when the limericks are on the loose.)


Irish Gumbo said...

Especially if they involve the "man from Nantucket" variations...

Best of luck on the endeavor, good sir!

That Baldy Fella said...

That would have been my next option....