Sunday, 21 February 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

The hour is drawing it's way towards five in the post meridian and I am still clad in pajama-style attire* and unfettered by showering. It is the last day of the week, the first one of the new week is rapidly approaching and sometimes, you need one of those Sundays where you spend pretty much the whole day lounging in bed with Gorgeous Girlfriend eating takeaway food and drinking Coke. That is what Sundays are invented for, I'm absolutely positive. I don't really have a specific point today so let's talk about some graffiti again.

Travelling via train between London Bridge and Waterloo East**, I have noticed, scrawled high on a derelict building next to a scrappy bit of land, the following legend (which has been there for some years now):-


Again, I'm not entirely sure what the author is attempting to say. Are they simply drawing attention to that that Big Dave has a gusset? Or is it a gusset of such wonderment and splendiferousness that all commuters on the South East route should have their attention drawn to it? I can just imagine the after dinner conversation:-

"I must say that I was awed by the magnificence of Lady Fotherington-Hamilton-Wick's most architecturally pleasing gussetage but it is as nothing compared to the sheer transcendent beauty of the one displayed by the man who is known simply by the appellation Big Dave."

Or maybe not...

Anyway, I mustn't keep you. I've got plenty more lounging around to get in before bedtime so must crack on. Chin chin, old sticks.

* T-shirt and tracky bottoms as opposed to actual pajamas but it's still the same overall effect.

** For those of you interested, as you travel from London Bridge to Waterloo East, look to your left. If you're heading the other way, it is, naturally, on your right.


Irish Gumbo said...

Question: is it scrawled on a gusset? Like a piece of steel or ironwork (if metal frame) or a semi-triangular bit of masonry (if brick) at the intersection of two structural pieces, one vertical and one horizontal?

If so, it could gave been the particular gusset that Big Dave was responsible for when erecting the building. Not uncommon for ironworkers to scrawl messages on building frames as they go up.

Man...I'm such a nerd...

That Baldy Fella said...

Well, there you go! I got an actual answer! Seeing as my mind is mainly gutter-based, I never assumed there'd be another meaning to gusset other than "trouser-based area". The long-standing mystery of Big Dave's Gusset is solved.