Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Whither Baldy?

Your Nick has been slack
On this he is clear
A Nack Attack lack
Well, never you fear

He's bound to be back
To his usual guff
When he finds that old knack
To write about stuff

For geeks and for nerds
Could be young, could be old
For blokes and for birds
Could be shy, could be bold

It's just a little rest
Recharge the grey cells
But like a stubborn pest
Or the clingiest of smells

You'll find once again
That he won't go away
And you'll have a yen
For that odd quiet day


Anna Russell said...

It's happening to all of us, I think. I just am not keeping up with blogging lately. Or comments. Pah.
You just hurry up and get back here Mr I Put It In A Clever Poem Just To Make Anna Look Bad.

Rachel May said...

Oh. I thought beasties ate you. I'll call off the rescue team :)

That Baldy Fella said...

Anna - Yeah, it does seem like a general summer slowdown round these here parts. Hmmm, I think "doggerel" is probably more accurate.

Rachel - If there's one of those St Bernard's with the barrel of rum round its neck, you can still send that....