Monday, 5 September 2011

Back Once Again

Ah, two weeks of relaxing and recharging. Holidays are indeed a thing of wonder and beauty and wondrous beauty and beautiful wonder and so on and so forth. Then it turns out that you're back home again and suddenly you have to readjust to all these little habits you comfortably got out of, like:-

1. Walking. I've barely walked anywhere for the last two weeks. My daily commute involves three to four miles walking every day (partly out of choice to avoid tubes and buses). My "commute" over the last fortnight involved bed to sofa, sofa to sun lounger, sun lounger to pool, pool to sun lounger, sun lounger to sofa and sofa to bed, sometimes in different variations but always with a protracted period of being pretty much horizontal in between any of these journeys. It was a tough life but someone had to do it.

2. Mainly Reading On Commutes. I got through around ten or eleven books while we were away - near enough a book a day. Brilliant. And the previously mentioned new Electronic Book Reading Device was utilised non-stop. So long, large-chunk-of-the-luggage-allowance-taken-up-by-books. Hello, portable-e-library.

3. Not Drinking Beer At Any Time You Feel Like. What's that? Heading towards midday, you say? Yep, it's definitely past time for a beer. And then maybe time for another after that. We'll play it by ear from there.

4. Wearing Clothes. I've barely worn more than a pair of swimming trunks for a fortnight. Socks? What are these constrictive foot prisons I must wear? Oh, shoes, too? Cover up my man-boobs and beer belly, you say? Fascist!

So, all in all, good to be back, really. When's my next holiday? Oh.

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