Thursday, 1 July 2010

Check One-Two, One-Two

I probably shouldn't have watched so much of the Glastonbury coverage over the weekend - it made me wish I was there. Partly because the previous two occasions that I descended upon the festival were mudbaths of the highest extreme but also because it reminded me how much I love going to see live music.

I know a couple of people who argue that they don't enjoy live performances by artists they enjoy as it never sounds as good as the recorded version. I can see their point of view if they just want to listen the songs they know and love the way that they know and love them but, for me, that's not the appeal of the gig. Sure, a big part of is about the music itself but it's also about the shared experience, the company, the socialising. Even a bad gig can still be a good night out. There's just something about it.

You arrive at the pub/club/stadium/field. You find someone you know. The longing emptiness in your hand is replaced by the cooling fullness of a lovely cold alcoholic beverage. Imbibing commences.
The anticipation builds. Music begins, probably a support act. They are good or bad. Discussions ensue. Imbibing continues.

At last, the act you have been anticipating graces the stage / corner of the pub / cowshed. You sing, you dance, you jump around, you shout yourself silly, you probably spill some alcohol but this is one of the few occasions where that is pretty much OK.

They were brilliant. Everyone is happy and carries on drinking and dancing badly to the post-gig cheesy disco (if there is one). They were awful. Everyone is a bit disappointed so carries on drinking and dancing badly to the post-gig cheesy disco (if there is one).

Having had many a friend or family member in a band at one time or another, there's just something appealing about seeing a band play live. Of course, you will inevitably spend the next day with ears ringing and throat sore from the singing but it's a small price to pay, I say...


MJenks said...

I've always enjoyed live music. Sure, the recorded version is nice, but like you say, the experience is what makes it great.

Plus, it's nice to feed off the energy of the performers and see how they reinterpret their own songs.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Baldy,

I am much older than you, but in the seventies we had 'Be In's'.

People would just gather in a park or other public space and just enjoy interacting.

Frizby, ball games, tag, shared food and drink, story tellers, and anyone who had them would bring instruments and play and sing.

A concert doesn't do that for me in the same way.

I've been spoiled.


Anonymous said...

Nick, you just love the drinking and if there is a cheesy disco you love the(stale) cheesy wotsits!! Idea for next piece - please write about Glasto in a way to convince my friend to come along. She is not convinced and I have tried! Loz xx

cerebus660 said...

As you say, you really can't beat live music. I've had so many amazing gig experiences - from tiny shit-hole pubs to massive stadia, with mates or as Billy-No-Mates, with alcohol or stony sober. I've been going to gigs for nearly 30 years (!) and I hope to be still doing it even when I'm just a brain in a jar :-)

That Baldy Fella said...

MJenks - Yep, and plenty of booze is always good fun, too.

Lady E - Ah, I've been fortunate enough to live near a few parks and we do that too, particulalry mine and my bro's brithdays (both in the summer). Always good fun.

Lozza - Well, you know me, I'm all about the stale crisps and booze. I wrote about the last one I went to a few years back - I'll send you the links...

cerebus660 - I quite like the idea of being a brain in a jar at some point. Come on, science, make it happen!