Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Trickshot Story: Part 4 - "That's Our Dust You're Kicking Up"

Well, since you asked so nicely, yes, I will tell you about "No Choice". Having spent many an hour whiling away the time at Rich's parents place in deepest, darkest Kent (well, Chislehurst) while we growing up, we felt it would be ideal opportunity to make use of all those green bits with no people in them to run about waving fake guns at each other. We concocted a story of hitmen based aorund the locations we knew we could use - some of which then became unavailable, prompting some last minute rewrites. The shoot took place over two weekends and featured myself, my brother, my brother's friend (also called Nick - not compulsory for our films but it does happen) and Rich's then girlfriend while Rich and his brother handled the behind the camera duties.

It was a physically demanding weekend for me - being more akin to sitting on a sofa and exercising my thumb on a remote control - and the results of all of our physical exertion can be seen on shiny DVD*. Highlights of the shoot include my introduction to the world of stunts (flinging myself into bushes and off moving cars), the group of us nearly getting arrested by an armed response unit on a private road ("That's our dust you're kicking up") and shockingly not getting arrested for waving replica guns around on a British Rail station. Ah, happy days....

More later, folks and folkettes.

* What? Come on, I've got to plug the DVDs. It may be shameless but then so am I. So there.

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